Gazers of the Galaxy
with Georgia astronomer, Alex Langoussis, FRAS

Every Friday night in May & June
9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
 Registration Required!

Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and wondered what was “out there”? Now’s your chance to view Brasstown Bald’s scenic vista in a whole new light – or dark! We’ll be meeting up with our astronomy friends at the highest point in Georgia to discover the hidden mysteries of Georgia’s darkest sky. Astronomer, Alex Langoussis, will guide you though the night, interpreting the wonders of the universe through his galactic stories and expertise, with the opportunity to use a high powered telescope. You’ll help be “Guardian of the Galaxy” after spending an evening learning about the magic of deep space and northern Georgia’s incredible nightscape!

$20 per person, 13+
$10 children 6-12


Audubon Birding
with Atlanta Audubon Society

June 2
8 am – 10 am
Book online now! 

Wake up with the birds, at Brasstown Bald!
Recognized as a birding “hotspot” by the National Audubon Society, the high elevation of Brasstown Bald hosts many bird species only found in more northern regions of the US that are here for early spring and summer breeding.

This is a great class as an introduction to birding or for a seasoned birder interested in learning more about the unique birds at Brasstown Bald. Passionate birder and Atlanta Audubon Education Director, Melanie Furr, will be leading this special program. Participants will be shuttled up the mountain at 8AM for a Mountain Top Theater presentation followed by a slow walk down the Summit Trail and around the parking lot using your new birding skills.

$12 per person
Pre-registration is required!
*Program price includes entrance fee and shuttle ride*


Nature Scientist and Junior Ranger Day!
Kids Day with the Natural Inquirer and Smokey Bear

June 9
10 am – 3 pm

Where kids can become Nature Science Investigators or earn a Junior Ranger Badge.
Kids and their families are welcome to participate together in experimenting with with real scientist equipment and conducting nature investigations….OR, perhaps you would like to help preserve the park as a Junior Ranger. Whatever their interest, we’re ready for exploration and discovery! Presentations and guided experiences are available for each path (see details below). If you prefer to participate at your own leisure, activities will be going on all day!
Ages 8+
Scientist Equipment demonstration and presentation followed by the Nature Science Investigator activity! Eleven Forest Service scientists are highlighted in the Nature Science Investigator activity booklet where students are introduced to 2-3 outdoor, hands-on activities for each scientist.
1:00PM & 2:00PM – presentation and scientist equipment demonstration followed by activity
FREE – Investigator booklet included
Age 8+
“Explore. Learn. Protect!”
Kids have the opportunity to play a part in preserving our park. They will each take the oath to protect our forests, complete games, identify native animals, and learn about Brasstown Bald’s cultural and natural history.
1:30PM & 2:30PM – Guided Ranger programs
$3 cash fee per child – booklet, Brasstown Bald Jr. Ranger badge, and personalized certificate included.
SCAVENGER HUNT is also available for kids of ALL AGES!


Get Your Smokey On!
with U.S. Forest Service Wildland Firefighters and Towns County Fire Department

June 16
11 am – 3 pm

Every season, around 30,000 acres of the Chattahoochee- Oconee National Forest is prescribed to controlled burning, playing an important role in protecting our communities and promoting healthy natural ecosystems. Fire is an essential natural process that has been part of the Appalachian mountains for thousands of years.
Bring the kids and come experience what fire fighting is all about!
  • Meet the fire fighters
  • Experience real fire engines and fire fighting equipment
  • Kids Crafts
  • Story time with the one and only, Smokey Bear @ 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM
  • Earn a Junior Ranger program badge ($3 fee and takes about an hour to complete)
There will be plenty of opportunities for pictures and questions!


Appalachian Trail Day
National Trails System 50th Anniversary

June 23
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Ever wonder what life is like on the Appalachian Trail?
What do you carry? What do you see? How did it come to be?

Join us in celebrating the Appalachian Trail! Watch an Emmy nominated AT film; Feel the weight of living on the trail through our pack demos; Take a guided hike through the 14 states on our mini-AT; Learn about the history of the AT in Georgia; Join the AT community for a day!

Free Day-Long Event with park entry.


Forest to Faucets Walk n’ Talk
with Hiawassee River Watershed Coalititon

June 30
11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Cold crystal clear water rises up from the ground and flows down the mountain sides of Brasstown Bald and to the rivers Hiawassee, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, and finally into the Gulf of Mexico. This is the water you drink, swim and bathe in, and eventually ocean creatures will live in. How does your daily life affect the quality our water? Come find out from the Hiawassee Watershed Coalition’s walk & talk program “Forest to Faucets.”

Free program with park entry


Rattlesnakes of Appalachia

July 7
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Pre-registration required- Coming soon!

Rattlesnakes are some of the last predators left in the Blue Ridge Mountains and they are local residents to Brasstown Bald Mountain. On July 7, Dr. Chris Jenkins, snake researcher and CEO of the Georgia based Orianne Society, will present a slide talk “Rattlesnakes of Appalachia” along with a meet-n-greet with one of our native slithery friends. This is not to be missed!


Abby: The Mobile Archaeology Bus
with Society of Georgia Archaeologists

July 14
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Meet Georgia Archaeologists and discover Georgia’s hidden heritage aboard the mobile archaeology bus!

The ArchaeoBus is a traveling emissary for the Society for Georgia Archaeology, bringing educational programs to kids and adults around the state. The bus will be parked at Brasstown Bald where visitors can tour the displays in the bus and participate in hands on activities.

Free program with park entry.


Bat House Building
with Habitat for Bats & Georgia DNR Bat Biologist, Trina Mooris

July 28
Time: TBA

Join in on helping out the declining bat populations in Georgia and all over the United States by signing up to build your own bat house. All supplies and instruction will be provided by, Houses for Bats. A special program will also be presented in our mountain top theater by DNR Georgia Bat Biologist, Trina Mooris, on research being conducted and the importance of bats in our ecosystem.



Geology and Natural Communities Talk & Walk

August 18
11:30 am  – 2:00 pm
Pre- registration required for program- Coming soon!

400 million years ago…..that’s how we will begin as two authors team up to reveal the geology of the Brasstown Bald area and how it influences plants and animals!

Geologist Dr. Bill Witherspoon, co-author of Roadside Geology of Georgia and biogeographer Dr. Leslie Edwards, co-author of Natural Communities of Georgia, will present a slide talk, “A Window through Time: Geology and Nature at Georgia’s Highest Summit,” followed by a book signing and a walk along the mountain. There will be a table full of hand-on information and activities for guests not attending the program.



Raptor Meet ‘N Greet with Georgia Mountain Falconry

October 13
12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Master Class falconer and educator, Buster Brown, will bring native and non-native raptors to the Brasstown Bald Visitors Center. Two special presentations will take place at Noon and Three O’Clock in our mountain top theater along with a two hour meet n’ greet in between. Presentation seating is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

The roster includes: Red-tailed Hawks, a Harris’s Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Lanner Falcon, Eastern Screech Owl, and Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Guests will be allowed to take photos. Kids are welcome!

Free program with park entry.